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Excellent personnel

Our in-house trainers hold generally accepted qualifications and have comprehensive, long time experience in their respective areas of expertise. Thus, learning objectives are taught in a professional and practical manner. Experience shows how effective and successful our trainings are.
By now our trainers are also requested from outside the company. Airlines and training centers appreciate our training program and our competence.

We will gladly develop an individual training program for you. Below you will find the main focuses of our trainings:

  • Passenger service training_01
  • Ramp handling
  • Load planning and -supervision
  • Dangerous goods (certified by the Federal Office of Civil Aeronautics)
  • Lost and found / luggage services

Additionally we offer software training fort he following systems:

  • Altea-CM
  • Altea-FM
  • GoNow-CKI
  • Skyspeed
  • Damarel L-DCS
  • Damarel Lodestone
  • WorldTracer








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